Remove Clutter From Your Computer

Remove Clutter

Every day we use our computer we are adding to the clutter on the hard drive. This could be temporary files, cookies, poor filing etc. But it is very simple to clear up the clutter without going to any extreme measures, we will show you how to remove this clutter. Windows has some nice built-in features to help you with this:

Disk cleanup

Open disk cleanup from the desktop by swiping from the right edge of the screen (if you are using a mouse move the pointer to the bottom right of the screen), click on settings, then select control panel. Once the control panel is open, type admin in the search box and click on administrative tools, finally select disk cleanup.

On the dialogue box that opens select the drive you want to clean (normally your main drive is C: and this is the one you would most commonly want to clean) and then click OK. Windows will now scan for files that can be cleaned.

Finally, from the new window tick the file types you want to delete, click OK and then click delete files.

Disk cleanup will now clean up your hard drive for you.

System Files

You can use disk cleanup to remove unwanted system files such as previous Windows installations, Defender an upgrade log files that you don’t need or want any more.

Repeat the steps above to open disk clean up, select C drive and then click on clean up system files (you will probably be asked for admin permission to do this – simply enter your password or click yes to grant admin rights). You will be asked again which drive you want to clean up system files from – choose C drive. Windows will scan for files that can be cleaned up.

Again choose the types of files that you want to delete using the tick boxes, click OK and then click delete files.

Third party tools

There are some excellent third-party tools to help you clean up the junk from your computer. CCleaner from Piriform. Download the free edition at

Once you have installed CCleaner run it and simply tick the boxes to indicate the types of files you want cleaning and click on run cleaner from the bottom right.

It is recommended that, if you don’t know what you are doing, you just select the items for cleaning that are already ticked when the program starts – the other options can be selected but read the warning messages before carrying out a cleanup – some system files may be changed.

CCleaner also has an excellent registry cleaner built in – but again, please exercise caution when using this (a damaged registry will result in your computer not working), always choose the option offered to backup your registry before any cleanup.